Triall ó Dhealbhna

Uilliam Nuinseann (William Nugent) wrote a poem in Gaelic called Triall ó Dhealbhna, in which he takes leave from Ireland, his beloved country.
It is often included in anthologies of Irish poetry because of the beautiful imagery in which the Green Island is described.
The fourth verse runs:
   Tír na gcuradh is na gcliar,
   Banbha na n-ainnear n-óirchiabh;
   Tír na sreabh ngoirmealtach nglan
   'S na bhfear n-oirbheartach n-ághmhar.

   Land of warriors and of bards,
   Banba of girls with golden tresses,
   Land of clear blue streams with birds,
   And of brave young men.

Tim Stampton: Triall ó Dhealbhna In 1996 Dick Ronner of Triona Pers set the text of this poem by hand and printed it on his proofing press. The type used is the Libra, an uncial designed by Sjoerd de Roos. The Irish artist Tim Stampton made two woodengravings to illuminate the text.

This small press edition contains:

* The original text in Gaelic by Uilliam Nuinseann.
* The translation into English (A Farewell to Delvin) by Patrick Pearse.
* A translation into Dutch (Vaarwel aan Delvin) by Mick van Rootseler.
* An explication of this poem in English, also by Mick van Rootseler.

Limited edition of 100 copies. 16 pages. Price: euro 12,50 (p&p excl.)

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